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Companies and organizations worldwide are realizing that a good cleaning management system pays for itself very quickly.
SanitSmart is complete cleaning scheduling and managementsystem. Used worldwide by hotels, manufacturing, major universities, military,
government, public utilities, restaurants, vehicle fleets and more. Roll-up costs by building, room, location, equipment item, personnel and more.

Originally designed by a maintenance manager after becoming frustrated with cryptic codes, confusing user-interfaces and
incomplete systems. SanitSmartís design focuses on ease of use, speed of data entry, data analysis and reporting. User-friendly
text is used instead of cryptic codes. Call: +1-541-751-0450 or 1-888-398-0450 (toll-free in USA or Canada) or email (
for pricing.

This software separates itself from others in several important ways:

  • Is fully self-contained, NO modules, programs, databases or yearly fees are needed. Easy to use and benefit from!
  • Provides a simple interface to cleaning and sanitation management, complaints, work orders and purchasing/inventory.
  • Is priced as if you only intend to use one of these sections.
  • Evaluates each equipment item 'cost to own' including labor hours, inventory and lost opportunity cost.
  • Suggests personnel for jobs based upon skills.
  • Determines level of cleaning efforts needed to satisfy customers while maximizing the efficiency of your resources
  • Tree view display for equipment and inventory. Schedule work from the equipment tree.
  • Reports in countless ways Crystal Reports, Excel, or save any data grid as web page, .pdf, text, Excel, etc.
  • Many shortcuts including optional fields, work station defaults for most common fields.
  • Automatically create a work order from a work order template based upon OPC or DDE meter values.
  • Drag and drop data selections from any analysis grid straight into Excel, MS Word or other program.
  • Duplication features provide a way to create one hotel room (example) then duplicate to 100's more.

How is SanitSmart Different?   

Call Toll-Free in the U.S.A./Canada 1-888-398-0450 (+1-541-751-0450)
66164 Homestead Rd., North Bend, OR 97459, U.S.A.

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